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    • The new Quantum goggle is another great example of Minimalist Frame technology: less plastic for more vision! With its slim frame, maximum field of vision from every angle is guaranteed, making it the biggest on the market.
    • For perfect comfort whatever the conditions, it combines a flexible facial contact area with excellent ventilation.
    • And with its metal inserts and embroidery, it’s sure to be a hit both on and off the slopes!
    • Your principal uncertainty will be washed away as you get into a position to gain some momentum on the slopes.
    • Minimalist frame design reduces bulk and keeps your vision clear.
    • Anatomical construction sits comfortably on your face.
    • Dual soft foam lining.
    • Ventilated lens for increased airflow.
    • Anti-fog treated lenses. 
    • Adjustable strap with silicone lining for superior grip.

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