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  • Polartec® Power Stretch®

    Polartec® Power Stretch® fabrics are ideal for all sporting activities - from jogging to mountain climbing to equestrian pursuits - where maximum freedom of movement, and clean profiles are desired. Adaptable to changing weather conditions, Polartec® Power Stretch® garments make an excellent base layer and can be layered over lighter garments, or serve as warm, durable outerwear.

    Polartec® Power Stretch® fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and are very breathable. They keep you dry when you sweat and provide warmth without weight. These are the most versatile outdoor and fitness apparel fabrics available today. Many of the fabrics feature a proprietary construction with two unique surfaces: the durable nylon outer layer is wind- and abrasion-resistant; the soft inner layer pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. Other fabrics in the series feature compression stretch which can improve performance and reduces the chance of certain types of stop-go injuries. All the fabrics excel at handling the demands of the next-to-skin environment.

    How does it work?

    Moisture and high relative humidity next to the skin cause discomfort. Polartec® Power Stretch® keeps the skin dry through three complementary mechanisms:                     

    • The fabric is highly breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor.
    • "Touch Points" on the fabric inner surface draw off the sweat. Sweat is wicked off the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation.
    • When the sweat reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton.

    Technical Highlights:

    • Body-hugging 4-way stretch provides unrestricted freedom of movement.
    • Keeps your skin dry when you sweat.                                                                              
    • Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor.
    • Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics.
    • Wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill.
    • Machine washable.
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