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    To prolong the life of your apparel, follow the washing instructions found on the inside tag of your garment. 


    General care for Next-to-Skin Fabrics: Polartec® Power Dry® and Polartec® Power Stretch®:

    100% polyester: Machine wash warm (105F, 40º C), tumble dry low.

    Blends of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, wool, and/or spandex, or where garment care instructions indicate: Cold wash (85F, 30º C), line dry.

    Next-to-Skin fabrics Polartec® Power Dry® and Polartec® Power Stretch® rely upon mechanical wicking to pull moisture away from the skin. Using too much detergent in the wash cycle or fabric softener in the dry cycle can inhibit the wicking action. Be sure to use light detergent for example Granger‘s base layer cleaner that rinses completely clean and avoid fabric softeners for these fabrics.

    General care for Insulation Fabrics: Polartec® Classic, Polartec® Thermal Pro®, and Polartec® Wind Pro®:

    As a general rule, most fabrics in these series can be machine washed warm (105F, 40ºC), tumble dry low. Blends of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and/or spandex, or where garment care instructions indicate: Cold wash (85F, 30ºC), line dry.

    However, consider reducing environmental impact with a cold wash and line dry on all these fabrics. (Note: A few minutes in a dryer on low can improve the softness/fluffiness of the fabric.) Fabric softener can be used to reduce static cling, but this will also reduce the effectiveness of the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment. If you would like to increase the DWR, we recommend Granger‘s 2 in 1 cleaner/proofer or Granger‘s Wash-In Waterproofer cleaner to renew the water repellency. (Mostly for Polartec® Wind Pro®, but also suitable for Polartec® Classic and Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabrics.

    General care for Weather Protection Fabrics Polartec® Power Shield®:

    Most Polartec® Power Shield fabrics are laminates. When washing is necessary, we recommend using a front-loading washer, cold wash (85F,30ºC), and a light detergent like Granger‘s 2 in 1 cleaner/proofer or Granger‘s Wash-In Waterproofer cleaner. Refer to garment care labels for drying instructions. When possible, tumble dry low is specified to improve DWR performance. In some instances, however, line dry is required. Remember, line drying is always an energy-saving and safe alternative to dryer use.

    General Tips:

    • Machine wash warm (104 F/40 C).
    • Use liquid mild detergent.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Tumble dry low.
    • Do not use fabric softener.
    • Do not use bleach.
    • Do not iron.


    Regular washing of your eVENT®-fabricated garment will enhance product performance. Your garment may be machine washed in warm water (40º C) with liquid detergent for example Granger‘s 2 in 1 cleaner/proofer. You may also use Granger's XT Proofer to completely restore DWR finish. We also recommend a second rinse to remove all traces of detergent from the fabric. We recommend you drip-dry your garment. Remember also to refer to the garment manufacturer's guidelines.

    General Tips:

    • Use liquid mild detergent.
    • Do not use fabric softeners.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • We recommend that you avoid ironing the garment, but if you do, use the steam setting on no higher temperature than "warm". At some temperatures, the heat from the iron can have a rejuvenating effect on the DWR finish but there is a greater potential for fabric damage if the iron is too hot.


    Your eVENT®-fabricated garment contains a durable water repellant finish (DWR) on the exterior of the fabric that serves as a first barrier to penetration of the fabric by external water. This DWR finish degrades over time and will occasionally need to be replenished. You will be able to tell when this water repellency has degraded because water will cease to bead up on the fabric. Even though the waterproof eVENT® membrane is still keeping the water from passing through the fabric, performance will be increased if you maintain the DWR finish with regular treatments.

    We suggest treating the DWR finish at the same time as your regular garment washings.We recommend to use Granger‘s 2 in 1 cleaner/proofer. Once the garment has been washed, we recommend using Granger's XT proofer to completely restore surface water-repellency.


    • Professional dry cleaning only for detachable real fur collar.
    • Professional laundry recommended.
    • Wash separately with mild detergent in 30°C warm water. We recommend Granger‘s down cleaner. Secure all zippers and closures. No bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low (with tennis ball) until completely dry. Do not iron, wring or dry clean.


    • Professional laundry recommended.
    • We recommend hand wash in a cold water for blends of wool, polyester and polyamide,. Use mild liquid detergent. Do not wash in washing machine. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron, wring. Line dry.
    • 100% Merino Wool machine wash with mild detergent. We recommend Granger’s base cleaner. Gently only. Iron low. Do not dry clean.
    • We recommend dry clean for Kaldi Arctic hats and mittens. 
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