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    Nordic walking

    Increasing public interest in healthy lifestyle encourage to find new effective ways for training. One of them, is 80 years ago originated in Finland and getting more popular worldwide Nordic walking, it‘s the way of walking with sticks. Nordic walking - an effective health and physical stamina improvement method, for people of all ages. This way of walking is much more effective than usual, because walking with sticks, works not only the legs but also arms and upper body muscles.

    A lack of movement is a civilized society problem. Resourceful and efficient solution of it - Nordic walking! In 1996, two Finland sports disciplines students made a research of walking with sticks, which was used in their doctoral dissertation. They improved diagonal skiing techniques rugged terrain and matched with a variety of muscle stretching exercises. Thus was born a new form of exercise, which is training heart, blood circulation system, and exercises 90 per cent of the body muscles, during it.

    The term "Nordic walking" first time was used in 1997. This extremely effective method for training quickly became popular throughout the country. In Finland “Nordic exercise” delighted even 900 000 people. Soon, all of Scandinavia interested in it, from which the walking with sticks extended in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. Gradually, this method of training, is increasingly getting popular in our country.

    In order to the better outcome, has been made gradual Nordic walking exercise. So walk with sticks - not only effective but also enjoyable workout, improving mood, physical capacity and doing it regular, it gives excellent results. Taking into account individual physical data and selecting the right exercises - success guaranteed! Nordic walk - is not only a great workout, but also a pleasant way of spending leisure time, suitable for all, in any weather, any time of year.

    Exercises intensity, duration and frequency destines “Nordic exercise“ efficacy. To achieve the best results, it is recommended a variety of endurance exercise. Above all, it's important to make all motions properly and to choose training techniques to ensure all the muscle work. One of them is ALFA technique.

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