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    Active rest in nature increasingly attracts people. Marchers clubs, tourist organizations, offering active recreation, is abundant all over the world. Hiking in nature, walking pedestrian trails - a great way of spending leisure time, for those who wants to strengthen their body, and caring their health.

    Walking in nature is strongly influenced by weather and environmental conditions. Walk with special walking sticks, it‘s not only easer, but it‘s also safer. Walking sticks makes travel much easer in hard come-at-able rocky, mountainous areas and ensures stability. Walking sticks, handles and straps makes easier to maneuver, push off, and when sticks stuck between the roots and rocks - they run. Walking sticks during safe travel, allows you to watch the environment, enjoy the scenery.

    Using these sticks substantially reduces the load of feet joints, facilitates legs muscles work, becomes rare heart shrinks rate. Rhythmical walking regulates your breathing and increasing physical stamina. During walking, you will forget your worries for a moment and concentrated on your body work, you will break free from unnecessary thoughts, and stress. Take a walk with sticks every day, although 30 minutes - you will estrange old age and enjoy a strong and healthy body!

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